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How it works

With SPBD and KlickEx you can send money transfers to your family or friends in Samoa from your computer and /or smartphone.

The money arrives straight to their mobile phone. What's even better is that with SPBD, you can send to any mobile number in Samoa – either Digicel and or Vodafone.

If you send money, your family and friends can withdraw cash using the SPBD Agent network.

  • The money arrives straight away with 95% of our transfers ready to transfer within minutes.
  • We offer better exchange rates and lower fees than conventional banks and money transfer services.
  • We use industry-leading technology to protect our customer's money.
  • SPBD and KlickEx operates a secure platform – allowing customers to register, send and receive money through the KlickEx Platform.

Making international payments using KlickEx

How it works for senders

Benefits for senders

How it works for receivers

Benefits for receivers

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Customer Service
KlickEx Phone:
  • NZ: (+64) 9 377 5539
  • AU: (+61) 1300 266 449

SPBD Phone:
Keiolani Samuelu:
  • 685-7704251
  • 685-20189

Faapine Visesio:
  • 685-7704259
  • 685-20189

Frequently Asked Questions

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