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Here's our Frequently Asked Questions.


What is SPBD?

SPBD is an electronic way of sending money to friends and family in Samoa. KlickEx Platform at or at one of the KlickEx Agents - we make it easy and straightforward to send money instantly to family and friends back home in Samoa.

Supported Currencies

We support sending from AUD, NZD to WST.

Supported Countries

Sending Countries: Australia, New Zealand.
Recipient Countries: Samoa.

How much does it cost?

Setting up your SPBD / KlickEx Account is completely free. Each transaction costs vary from $4 - $5 in the sending currency. For example: If you send $400 from New Zealand, you will be charged NZD$5 NZD. If you send $1,000 WST from Australia, you will be charged AUD$5. It doesn’t matter how much you send; the fee is always capped at max. $5.

New Zealand customers ONLY: If you send from a KlickEx agent, you will also incur a merchant fee of up to NZD$4. This brings the total maximum send fee to NZD$9.

Where are the exchange rates being sourced from?

SPBD / KlickEx obtains rates from various feeds and sources in the international marketplace. We are low cost, so you can be assured of great rates.

How often is the exchange rate updated?

Indicative rates for each currency pair are updated at least hourly. Rates for individual transactions are obtained in real time.

Sending Money

How do I send money?

You can use either the online portal at or if you are in New Zealand you can visit one of our KlickEx Agents - see Find an Agent

How do I deposit money into my SPBD / KlickEx wallet account?

For Australian and New Zealand funds, you can deposit funds as follows:

  1. Simply use your Internet Banking via POLi Payments; PayID or bank to bank transfer to make a deposit.
  2. The moment we receive your funds into our SPBD / KlickEx account we will email you and you are ready to transact.
How long does it take?

Once you have sent the funds from your SPBD / KlickEx account, the recipient will receive the money within minutes.

What happens if I enter the wrong reference?

Please contact us at as soon as possible to correct the reference number. If the reference you've supplied does not match an appropriate account, your funds will be safely held in our account awaiting further advice.

What do I do if send the wrong amount?

Please contact our Customer Care Support Team at as soon as possible and we can talk to you about the best way to resolve it.

I've sent money to the wrong person, what can I do?

It's important to ensure you are sending funds to the correct recipient. Contact our Customer Care Support Team immediately at to see if we can stop the payment or work towards a recovery.

Is there a limit to how much I can send?

Once your identification is fully verified, a daily limit of $5000 per sender applies. But cannot send more than $2.8K per transaction i.e. to hit your daily limit you would send 2 transactions, $2.8K + $2.2K or multiple transaction that eventually add up to $5,000. The monthly amount that you can send is $20,000.00 WST.

I want to cancel my transfer, can I get my fund returned?

Contact our Customer Care Support Team immediately at and they will discuss options available for you. Please note that our ability to do this depends on many factors, such as whether the recipient has withdrawn the funds.

Account Setup

What do I need?

A passport and a proof of address document dated within the last 90 days. Don't have these? For the full list of alternative documentation, please see the complete Identity and Address verification page here.

How do I register?

Click on the "Sign Up" button in the top right-hand corner of the SPBD / KlickEx homepage.

  1. Fill in the necessary requirements, including setting your password, security questions, and the other details as requested and tick the relevant boxes.
  2. Click on the link and read the terms and conditions - print a copy for your reference if required. Note: if you don't accept the terms and conditions, this means we cannot process your registration.
  3. Enter your Photo Identification and proof of address details into the System. SPBD / KlickEx will review these details during normal business hours and approve you electronically where possible.
  4. Click Continue - then follow the on-screen instructions to verify your email address.
What is Identity Verification?

Just like banks and other financial institutions, SPBD / KlickEx operates according to the Anti Money Laundering Act. As such, we require proof of your identity and your address. We’ll need a full colour copy of your passport and an official document sent from an organisation like a bank or government entity dated within the last 90 days.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. We take privacy very seriously here at SPBD and KlickEx and all of your documents will be held in our secure database. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

I don’t have a Passport, what can I do?

A passport on its own will cover your full identity requirement, however if you don't have one you can provide two alternative forms of identification. For example, a Driver Licence + a Birth Certificate. The full list is available here.

I get all of my statements electronically - what can I do for proof of address?

KlickEx will accept statements from banks, utility companies and government agencies that have been sent electronically providing they are dated within 90 days of the submission date and clearly show the name and address of the applicant as well as the name of the sending organisation.

Does it cost anything to set up my account?

No, setup is completely free.

Receiving Money

How do I know if I have been sent money?

The recipient with receive and SMS (text message) notification with transfer amount and unique code for verification purposes.

Is there a fee to withdraw money?

No, there is no cost to withdraw funds.

What do I do to get my money?

The full list of SPBD agents is available here.

I've lost the phone the money was sent to

Contact our Customer Care Support Team at and they will discuss options available for you.

Do I need a SPBD / KlickEx account to receive money?

No, all you need is a mobile phone with either Digicel or Vodafone.

Problems Logging In

Logging into SPBD / KlickEx is an easy way to keep track of your details - and the details of the people you send money to. For this reason - it is important that you memorise your passwords, secret questions, and security answers. You will need them, every time you use

Forgotten Password?

If you have forgotten your log-on details; you can select the forgotten password? link on the log in page. We will send a message to your verified email address. Use this link to reset your password.

Forgotten Security Questions?

If you have forgotten your security questions - contact our Customer Care Support Team at

Help, my account is locked out. Why? And what do I do?

If you’re having trouble with the "secret letter" security feature, try selecting the "Help" example on the secret letter screen/web page.

Please Note:
  • You only need to enter the two missing letters highlighted by the red boxes - not the entire word.
  • The missing letters are selected by using the mouse to click on the on-screen key-pad. The letter will display, for your confirmation.

This is to ensure your information is protected, even if your computer is shared by several of your family, used at work, or in places like Internet Cafes where you may have less security than on a personal computer in your own home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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